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Best camera & photography gear for Beginners in 2022

The most frequent question that we receive from our students is : “I’m new to photography / videography, which camera / lens should I buy”? …

Lightroom new features Swiss Photo Club
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Lightroom Classic: Best new features in 2021

Adobe has added some amazing features in the last year to both Lightroom and Photoshop, which should make your workflow easier and more efficient. In …


Christmas photography tips from SPC

The holidays are almost here! Here are our top tips you could use to take great photos during Christmas and share with friends and family. …

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Best photography software for photographers

As you start to learn photography, you will realize the importance of using effective photography editing software to sort out your photos and make them …


Best photography gear for beginners in 2021

The most frequent question that we receive from our students is : “I’m new to photography, which camera / lens should I buy”? *** Updated …


How to learn photography

You’ve started to take some nice photos with your phone, and you get compliments from your friends and family… Now you feel like you would …


How to become a professional photographer

With recent advances in digital photography and social media, there has been an explosion of interest in photography, both as a creative art form and …

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How to hold a camera properly

What is so special about learning how to hold a camera? You might be surprised what a big difference it can make. Holding your camera …