SPC Photo Awards: Photography Competition in Geneva

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The SPC Photo Awards is a favorite event among the Swiss photography community. But don’t just take our word for it; read what previous participants have had to say about their experiences.

What are the SPC Photo Awards?

SPC Photo Awards

Get inspired, meet other photographers, and exhibit your best work for hundreds of people.

Filling 3 floors of the centrally located Gallery Humanit’Art in Plainpalais, the SPC Photo Awards photography exhibition and competition is an exciting showcase of local photography talent. 

“I enjoyed seeing so many talented and inspiring photographers in this city.”


“It is a great platform to showcase our creativity and skills that we have accrued over the years as well as meeting fellow photographers and expand our network.”


A Unique Photography Competition Open to Everyone

SPC Photo Awards

Amateurs and professionals alike have the opportunity to exhibit their best photos from any genre. During the 9-day photography exhibition, hundreds of visitors come to the exhibition and vote for their favorites. 

“SPC Photo Awards were for me personally an exciting experience.  Many thanks to the amazing SPC team and to everybody who voted for my picture and supported my art!”


“What I liked about the last SPC Photo Awards was the diversity of genres.  There were really beautiful things. I will gladly participate in future editions.”

SPC Photo Awards

Before the SPC Photo Awards exhibition, a jury of Swiss Photo Club photography instructors choose the 50 best photos, based on artistry and technical skill.  These will be printed in a large format on ifolor Alu-Dibond.  The top-rated photo will receive the Jury Prize.

All remaining photos will be printed on ifolor premium photo paper.  All photos, big or small, are eligible to win one of the 4 public prizes, worth up to CHF1500.-

“After having done several group and personal exhibitions, I wanted to participate in this event to do another type of multidisciplinary experience without a specific theme, and with a high number of exhibitors.  This brings a challenge and another visibility to one’s work beyond our own network.”


Tips for First-Time Participants

SPC Photo Awards

Swiss Photo Club hosts the SPC Photo Awards several times a year in cities throughout Switzerland.  Although we are very pleased to welcome many returning participants to the competition each time, new photographers bring fresh perspectives to each event.

“Tips for newbies like me: Be spontaneous, show that you have talent, and join to gain experience.  Be a part of many, and enjoy seeing your work of art among others.”


“For future participants, I recommend taking photos with the help of your heart and a drop of current trends!”


Join the Competition

If your photos are ready for the limelight, enter the next competition.

  • SPC Photo Awards – Geneva
  • Gallery Humanit’Art
  • June 24-July 3, 2021
  • Link to Register

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