Wondering which course to choose? Here is our recommended path of learning photography, from a complete beginner until an advanced level.

Step 1

Join a beginners course, to learn the fundamentals of how to use your camera, how to compose a beautiful photo, and how to adjust your camera’s settings for situations like backlight, nighttime photography, or photography of a moving subject, etc. Choose a format based on your availability and budget:

Half day covers 4 hours of material, theory plus practice, all indoors.
Intensive is the same as half day plus 3 hours of full practice outdoors.
5 weeks is one indoor session per week over 5 weeks, that covers 10 to 15h of material. Allows you to practice in your own phase over the week and upload your photos to discuss in the following session.

Also check out our private course offering if your availability is limited and/or if you prefer a dedicated instructor. You will progress faster than a group course and we have the flexibility to assign different instructors based on your needs.

Step 2

Now that you’ve completed your beginners class, you’re ready to start taking on the world of photography 🙂

Continue Learning

Lightroom course to learn how to manage & edit your photos
An intermediate course (in a full day or 5 weeks format) to continue improvement in all aspects.

Keep on practicing

Join a photography trip to practice photography at a beautiful location. The program constructed to get you to the best places at the best light and a dedicated photographer with you during the full trip to give exercises and answer your questions.

Check our practice workshops – each 2h focused purely on shooting – join free via membership system or pay as you go.

Show your work to the world

Join our photography competition to have your photos printed and exhibited in a central gallery in town. This is a great exercise to get recognition for your hard work and motivate yourself to get better.

Step 3

Learn Photoshop

Learn how to edit your photos by registering to a Photoshop course – the most advanced software in the industry.

In this course, you will learn:

All Photoshop concepts such as layers, masks, selections, tools, workspaces
Adding texts and shapes
Improving colors, contrast and sharpness
Taking out distractions like they were never there
Combining images – photo compositing
Using filters

Join Dedicated Workshops

Now that you are comfortable with camera settings and photography basics, it’s time to join specialized workshops based on your interest.

Step 4

Join masterclasses by famous photographers to learn their techniques and get their feedback in person.